Top Shelf Package

4-6 OZ. Filet Mignon Steaks (Plain/Marinated)2 LB. Ground Sirlion2 1/2 London Broil1 LB. Veal Cutlet2 LB. Flank Steak3 LB. Eye Round Roast2 LB. Italian Sausage2 LB. Chicken Cordon Bleu2 LB. Extra Lean Stew1 1/2 Pound Pepper Steak2 LB. Thin Sliced Chicken Cutlet
Filet Mignon Style
Sausage Style

2131 Middle Country Road
Centereach, NY 

Adjacent to The Suffolk Diner 

2.5 miles East of The Smithhaven Mall


All Natural 

Freshly Butchered
Pet Food 


Certified Meats


Marino & Son Meats
Marino & Son Meats
Marino & Son Meats

Hours Are Subject To Change 

Monday-Saturday 9am-5pm 


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